How to translate a video to your native language

Lucid thinkings mission is to change the world by sharing accurate and profound insights that can change the lives of people, and also contribute to a better understanding of some basic concepts that are currently understood incorrectly in the fields of science, philosophy, economy, social activism and more.

We aim to reach to as many people as possible, and therefore we seek to translate the subtitles of our videos to as many languages as possible. For this, we need your help:

If you liked lucid thinking videos, and you would like to translate one or some of them to your native language,
so they would be available also to the people of your country, you are more than welcome to do it.

The process is very simple, as explained in the following video.

If you have created a translation for a certain video, please notify me at,
so I would know it was you and thank you personally.
You are also welcome to write me if you like to join our translators’ community, so you will be notified about new
videos you could translate.